FOD Control


FOD Control Solutions for Businesses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, throughout Europe and across the Middle East

Whether you’re involved in an aerospace operations, military facilities, MRO, or any other sort of industry where critical equipment or machinery is involved, you know that FOD control (foreign object debris control) is of the utmost priority. Anything less than 100 percent positive tool control can have disastrous consequences – if a spanner or torch is left inside an engine or a tool is lost within another piece of machinery, for example. The costs involved in finding lost tools in FOD environments are significant. Luckily, the FOD control solutions provided by ToolClarity can help you avoid these costly and potentially dangerous issues.

When you utilise our software and its FOD control features, in conjunction with our industrial vending machines and storage products, RFID tagging solutions, and other cutting-edge technology, FOD control becomes easy and passive. Our full product line of RFID devices is specially designed for high-accountability environments where 100 percent positive tool control is mandatory. When you trust our advanced solutions, you’ll be able to implement the most precise, in-depth system to control and monitor the tools and inventory items your employees use on a daily basis. FOD problems will become a thing of the past, as our advanced technology gives you the most accurate, real-time ability to track even the smallest of your tools, which employee was using them, and when the items were returned to their proper locations.

Numerous aerospace and military companies around the globe trust the FOD control solutions available through ToolClarity’s tool management software, RFID tracking technology, industrial vending machines, and other innovative technology.

To learn more about the state-of-the-art solutions we offer to companies in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany,  across the European Union and the Middle East, contact us today.