Industrial Vending


Industrial Vending for Businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, across Europe, the Middle East and Asia

The industrial vending machines from ToolClarity will help streamline your company’s operations. Whether you manage a supply room for a manufacturing company, purchase tools and industrial consumables for an industrial plant, or run a tool crib for an aerospace operation, you understand that every second wasted walking to a store room or tracking down materials severely hampers your efficiency and bottom line. Fortunately, ToolClarity has the industrial vending machines you need to accurately and efficiently control virtually all your company’s tools and consumables at Point-of-Use.

Our industrial vending machines work just like the coffee machine or sweet dispenser, so your employees won’t have to learn complicated new technologies to use our products. Plus, our vending machines provide secure point-of-use distribution and, when combined with our tool tracking software, provide the comprehensive inventory management solutions you need.

In order to get a tool from our vending machines, an employee must scan an ID card or select their name from the touch-screen and enter a PIN code that confirms their identity and holds them responsible those tools and materials they check-out. This technology provides business owners peace of mind that they will always know which employee has what item and how long it has been in use as well as detailed transaction data to allocate costs back to departments, cost centers, machines, or job numbers.

For more information about our industrial vending machines, secure point of use technology, and FOD control solutions, please contact ToolClarity today. We happily serve customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, and throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.