Secure Point of Use

Secure Point of Use Distribution for Businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, and Across Europe, along with Asia and the Middle East

ToolClarity has a wide selection of secure, simple-to-use point of use tool vending machines that will give supervisors peace of mind knowing that important company materials can be easily obtained when they’re needed. There’s no need to slow down your daily operations and waste precious time and money with outdated inventory management systems when you could be using ToolClarity’s state-of-the-art comprehensive tool management technology. Our industrial vending machines work just like a standard soda or candy dispenser, and when they’re combined with our inventory control software and RFID tracking technology they form the most complete, feature-rich material management system available.

Here’s how our point of use machines work when combined with our inventory tracking software:

  • When an employee needs a tool or other item, they have to scan an ID badge first to obtain it
  • Once the tool is dispensed, our software records which employee checked it out, holding them responsible while the tool is in use
  • Our software tracks who took which tool, how long it has been out, and when it was returned
  • If an item is checked out for an extended period of time, our system will send out a notification and identify how long is has been out and which employee is responsible
  • Our tool control software can also replenish depleted inventory and alert supervisors when stock is running low on certain items
For additional information about our point of use technology, please contact ToolClarity today. We serve customers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, and throughout Europe. We also operate in Asia and the Middle East.