23 Jul 2009

CribMaster Expands Its Product Line with the WeighStation

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Marietta, GA – WinWare Inc. announces the addition of the CribMaster Weigh Station a passive issue device that allows for simplified dispensing of bulk-issue items and high-use consumable inventory through the use of ultra sensitive, highly accurate, computerized scales and bin technology.

“This device once again enhances our extensive line of vending solutions in accurately managing bulk-issue items, such as hardware, fasteners, and bolts, ” states Larry Harper, WinWare president, “our goal was to design a solution to make it easy for the users to take what they need and give management the ability to not to have to lock down inventory. That’s the whole concept of passive issue.” Driven by CribMaster software, the leading inventory management application for indirect materials in manufacturing and productive environments, the Weigh Station adds yet another inventory management option to an already extensive line of solutions. Harper adds, “Our goal is to have the right inventory management solution for any indirect material, no matter the processes or business culture.”

After the user has identified him/herself on the touch-screen and has taken the needed supplies, the Weigh Station’s accurate scale and bin technology will immediately count when an item has been removed or returned into a bin. The CribMaster system will take care of counting, ordering, communicating with the supply chain, reporting who has what, providing accurate cost accounting and more. The Weigh Station is configurable up to 60 bins making storage easy for any size item. The larger bins can hold up to 50 pounds.

The CribMaster software that drives the Weigh Station contains the functionality needed to manage any type of indirect material. From tooling, spare parts inventory, PPE, MRO, etc., CribMaster is a robust and flexible inventory management application that was built by supporting the processes associated with this type of inventory. CribMaster currently has over 3000 customers in 13 countries and is the clear leader in providing technology to assist customers in reducing usage, tracking inventory movement, enhancing processes and developing more effective replenishment.

About WinWare

WinWare Inc. was established in 1992 in Marietta, GA., just outside of Atlanta. WinWare is the clear leader when it comes to flexible, robust systems to manage MRO, tools and spare parts inventory. Its knowledgeable and experienced staff is dedicated to creating enterprise-wide systems that manage tools and indirect material in productive environments. WinWare has a long-term reputation for providing outstanding customer service and technical support for each of its customers, no matter how large or small. The company is committed to providing expert software and hardware solutions. Visit WinWare’’s Web site at www.cribmaster.com.

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