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We have partnered with the worlds foremost manufacturers and developers of inventory control technology to provide you with the best in:

  • Inventory Management Software
  • RFID Portals and Tool Tracking Systems
  • Secure Point of Use Dispensing Equipment
  • RFID Antennas, Readers, and Tagging solutions

  • We also offer:

  • RFID Security Key Tracking
  • Tool Kitting, etching, and Foaming
  • European Software and Machine Leasing

  • Our devices include:

    Solution Benefits

    By implementing our products your business can expect cost savings across the board:

    1. Reduced stock on hand and carry costs
    2. Suppressed consumption from increased accountability and control
    3. Inventory rationalisation from accurate usage data
    4. Reduced lost tools through better tracking and control
    5. Reduced procurement administration through automated purchasing
    6. Eliminate walk and wait with line-side stocking

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