Point of Use Dispensing

We drive the widest range of “Point of Use” and dispensing machines of any software on the market today.

As a method of secure line-side distribution our systems provide you with a simple way to immediately access your tools, and a means to eliminate overuse by employees, departments, and contractors. Whether you run the tool crib for a large automotive manufacturer, or purchase materials for a manufacturing business, you know how important it is to maintain an accurate system for dispensing and tracking inventory and tools. Even the smallest items – like gloves and batteries – need to be monitored closely, as usage of  these items is often abused. We feature a variety of industrial vending machines that can dispense small items like carbide tips, as well as larger products such as power tools.

Placing tools and indirect materials at “Point of Use” can eliminate walking and wait time to and from a central stores but you wouldn’t want to compromise on control. Placing industrial consumables within secure point of use devices can give you that control and also cut consumption by 20 – 40%.

As well as driving the full range of CribMaster hardware – our software also has the ability to drive a huge range of 3rd Party machines from vertical lifts to medical dispensing equipment. All of our point of use devices including CribMasters award winning range of industrial vending machines are controlled through a full touchscreen interface. The machines are networkable, can be slaved together, and can be integrated with your own purchasing and scheduling systems.

Cablock, ProStock, and Toolbox Devices

Our range of vending devices includes the:

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