Reduce consumption, hoarding, stock-outs, excess inventory, and travel time to and from a central stocking location by managing indirect materials and tooling securely at Point of Use.

The ProStock 560 is the ultimate in carousel vending.

Its flexible carousel magasines mean simple on-site reconfiguration, maximum security, and high capacity in a very small footprint. If you are looking to manage a broad range of tooling and indirect materials, lineside, in high security, then this is the optimum device on the market today.

The touchscreen makes using the device easy and intuitive. Its powerful software gives you all the control and functionality you’re going to need:

  • Track usage by employee and up to six user defined fields
  • Issue and return capability
  • Reduce tool usage 20 – 40% or more
  • Maximum Item issue security – prevent incorrect usage or unauthorized access
  • Item issue efficiency – improved productivity by issuing nearer to Point of Use with fast item issue speed
  • Manufacturing efficiency help – machine usage is improved by minimizing downtimes because of inventory shortage
  • Eliminate stock- outs with features like critical alerts and automated optimum order levels
  • Manage durable items, serialized gages, and test equipment
  • Add inventory dispensing to your shopfloor for a leaner work flow
  • and much more…

ProStock Datasheet (PDF)

If you want a device that takes up very little space, has the flexibility to handle multiple product sizes, is easily re-configured, and provides high-security single item dispensing… then contact us because this machine meets your needs perfectly.