Are you looking to manage High Volumes of Small Low Value items?

Imagine your employees walking up to a cabinet, opening the door to remove a handful of bulk items like fasteners, gloves, or high use expendables, with every step and quantity automatically monitored and recorded – With the WeighStation this is your reality.

The Weigh station utilses sensitive scales linked to intelligent software to track stock on-hand in each bin in real time. The only step you might require your employees to complete is to enter their password on the touch screen or a scan a barcode to gain entry to the cabinet. If accountability isn’t important, you can configure the device with open shelves, scales, and bins for a cutting edge lineside Kan Ban solution to automatically trigger re-order points. No inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the bin based on the amount of weight that was removed.

Completely automated management is possible with the WeighStation:

  • 100% passive issue with or without required authentication for accountability
  • Ultra sensitive, highly accurate scale and bin technology
  • Easy dispensing, tracking and replenishment of high-use expendables, bench stock or bulk issue items
  • No repackaging, labeling, or tagging required
  • Reduced walk time for items which will improve productivity
  • By eliminating mission critical stock-outs
 and making inventory available in one convenient location, there’s less time spent waiting and searching for supplies
  • And more…

WeighStation Datasheet (PDF)