If you make it much easier to do the right thing, than it is to the wrong thing, people will do the right thing every time. This is the basis upon which the significant improvements in operating efficiency yielded by RFID are founded.

RFID…the New Barcode?
How many times have you heard that RFID is going to be the new barcode? There may be some truth to that, but in reality RFID it isn’t a new bar code, it is a whole new way to look at business building processes. RFID tags provide a new level of automation that far exceeds that of barcodes.

Any data capture process that would benefit from having an uninterrupted flow is a prime starting point for potential RFID projects. For example, when retrieving needed tools and Inventory – standard processes often require the user to stop or slow down to capture data – either through recording information in a log or scanning a series of barcodes. This adds waste to that process, and often in a desire to get on with their job done even your best employees sometimes miss out those steps altogether. With RFID there are no additional steps! In the case of our AccuDrawer: an employee walks up to the drawer unit, opens the unit, takes their tools, closes the drawer, and walks away, then the RFID technology passively records who took what and when. This is exactly why RFID has such a tremendous benefits when applied to everyday asset tracking and indirect material management.

The process makes doing the right thing the easiest option, saves time, and provides an added layer of security, all with full traceability. Our range of closed loop RFID devices bring these benefits to your business.

Our lineup of RFID tool tracking devices includes a variety of options to suit your company’s exact needs and combines with our inventory management software to provide a wealth of additional benefits. For example:- The AccuPort can allow your employees to simply walk into a secured storeroom with their RFID enabled employee badge, obtain the items they require, and walk right out of the storeroom with the parts and without having to enter details, record data in a log, or scan barcodes, and our software can be set to manage the replenishment supply chain by sending re-order information direct to your suppliers or enterprise ERP system. Our AccuDrawers and AccuCabs are RFID controlled cabinets and electronic toolboxes which are designed specifically for high accountability environments. This year the latest developments in the product lineup now includes our “Last Point Read” device allow you to track RFID tagged tooling and indirect materials even once they have left the storage area and are moving around your facility.

These devices provide 100% positive tool control and are perfect for managing tooling in critical FOD control environments such as those within the aerospace industry.

The Current range of RFID devices include CribMasters:

Fed-up with shortfalls in your current processes that are costing your company precious time and money? Or are you simply looking to upgrade your tool dispensing or inventory management system? Then contact us. The average RFID customer sees a full return on their investment within 9 months.