The next step in true passive inventory tracking.

Employees walk up to a cupboard, open the doors, browse for the products they require, withdraw multiple items and close the door. At the same time the whole transaction is recorded automatically and passively. Durable tooling can be issued and returned. The Accu-Cab is perfect for general consumables, oversized tooling, CTU kits, and much more.

Benefit from the latest RFID inventory control technology through:

  • RFID technology requiring less steps to issue and return items than vending
  • Touch screen control allowing for easy CribMaster user interfaces and system Log-in
  • Easy dispensing, tracking and replenishment of tools, kits, spare parts, calibrated tooling, etc.
  • Reduced walk time for to and from a manned stores for items which will improve productivity
  • Reducing mission critical stock-outs
  • With inventory available in one convenient location, there’s less time spent waiting and searching for supplies

The Accu-Cab is also available in a high density unit or combined with scales from our WeighStation to create a Hybrid unit perfect for managing Tooling and low value high use expendables and consumables like fasteners, stationary, and PPE.

AccuCab Datasheet (PDF)