The Accu-Drawer is the ultimate device for managing Tooling, Kits, and Maintenance items at point of use and in critical FOD environments.

All tools and Equipments are tagged with RFID chips and located within one of the secure drawer locations. Users withdrawer equipment from the device by signing in through the touchscreen and opening the drawer containing the item. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory and tooling is removed from the cabinet. When items are missing the screen clearly displays “Items Out” making essential FOD checks very quick and easy.

The Accu-Drawer is available in four sizes with multiple drawer configurations. A wireless unit with a mobile power supply is also available for use in by maintenance teams or within Aircraft hangers.

This system creates a highly automated point of use Tool station:

  • Automated tracking of inventory In and Out of the system
  • Missing items are easily identified with visual alerts and system reports
  • Transaction records makes it easy to identify the person or the area where the item was issued or last used
  • Managed kits and calibrated tooling
  • Audit-able records to support your compliance needs

With the Accu-Drawer there are no barcodes to scan, or wait time to withdraw items – Simple swipe your employee badge, and remove your tool from the draw – True passive tracking technology is here!

AccuDrawer Datasheet (PDF)