The Accu-Port takes the management of Tools and Indirect Materials to a new level.

Forget about a Manned Stores. Forget about uncontrolled out of hours access. Forget about adding steps for your employees to comply with – They simply walk in, gather their items and walk out!

Manage central stores and tool rooms by completely automating the issue and return of hand tools, gauges, MRO items, and any other materials. This is the ultimate solution! An easily deployable way to quickly get visibility and control over your inventory. Accu-Port customers report an average ROI (Return on their Investment) within six months or less, by reducing resourcing costs and suppressing consumption by between 20-40%.

The combination of the advanced CribMaster Inventory Management software together with the Accu-Port RFID solution gives you:

  • Automated tracking of Inventory in and out of a secured area
  • Automatic employee identification via RFID employee badges
  • Management and monitoring of expendables, durables, kits, and serialized items
  • Complete calibration and inspection monitoring and notification
  • Complete smart purchasing and replenishment system
  • Automated supplier management and supplier performance reporting
  • Integration with your other business systems
  • Ease of use and no additional steps
  • and much more…

AccuPort Datasheet (PDF)
AccuPort Video

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