Information is critical to making the correct business decisions.

First stop on the route to improving your indirect materials management is to gain visibility and then to introduce control. Your software choice is critical to the success of your initial objectives and fundamental to all your future inventory projects. As well a providing the basis for recording and tracking tools and MRO,  you need to be able to easily analyse and extract information to help you improve constantly improve your processes.

You need a package which is:

  • Industry Proven and Certified
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Scaleable
  • Feature Rich
  • Intuitive and easy to operate
  • Integrates with your other enterprise systems
  • Comes with market leading support and expertise

The software we have chosen gives you more scope and possibilities than any other inventory control package on the market today. It has become the tool crib software of choice for many of the worlds blue chip manufacturers. Whether you are large or small, our inventory management software meets all these requirements and much more besides.